Graham Sedam Sound


Graham's unique style and unconventional methods may not be right for you. But, if you are looking to get out of your comfort zone or a rut, stand out amongst your peers or genre, then contact him and see how he can help you.

Graham is a graduate of McNally Smith College of Music where he earned an Associates of Applied Science in Recording Technology Degree. He has been writing lyrics and music for almost 25 years. For over 10 years, he has trained and gained experience in recording engineering, mixing, and mastering.

Graham lives and works in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Music Projects

Mess of it ALL is Graham's primary musical home. Guests appear on songs occasionally, but it is written and driven by Graham and only Graham. He has an appreciation and a hunger for a wide variety of music, and that comes through in Mess of it ALL. This project can't be easily summed up nicely, and his life's goal for this project is to make that more and more difficult. For now, he labels it as rock, electronic, and experimental. There are no rules in art, and Graham will do as he wishes with it.

aural ocean is Graham's musical collaboration with Christine Sedam (vocals). Graham will be contributing music, lyrics, engineering, and production. This project will be quite different from those he's done in the past, and although there will be plenty of variety in it's delivery, the genre flavor will be focused. This project will have a sound developed over time that will be distinct and recognizable as being 'aural ocean.' The name itself will speak directly to the music. The instruments used will be drums, bass, keys, and lady vox. No guitars.

Diads is Graham's musical collaboration with Tim Kress (main music writer). Graham's contributions include vocals, lyrics, guitar, bass guitar, engineering and production. This project is similar to Graham's Mess of it ALL project in the sense that it (mostly) has an anything goes philosophy, resulting in a variety of sounds and stylings and falling into the same rock, electronic, and experimental area. The second release is the soundtrack to a book written by Tim.

Colour the Moon is Graham's musical collaboration with Matt VanOpdorp (main music writer). Graham's contributions include vocals, bass guitar, engineering and production. The first release, Transitions, is a more traditional, acoustic rock EP. The second release, Reflections, is more telling of the direction this project desires to continue in: acoustic guitar, bass, djembe and other percussive instruments, keyboards, and no vocals. The project has become an instrumental effort.